Having access to cash is a central component of running a contingent fee law firm.  In an ideal world, a law firm can grow from excess fees generated by cases but the fact that case expenses are not deductible mean that taxes would have to be paid on the fees before they could be used for funding additional case expenses. In some years, excess fees may not be available.

Brook-Hollow Capital offers customized borrowing solutions for clients who want to utilize their pre-tax fee now at a low, fixed annual fixed interest rate so you can count on Brook-Hollow Capital to provide a reliable and predictable source of capital for operating your firm, investing in case acquisition, purchasing real estate or any number of other investments. Brook-Hollow Capital loans function like a line of credit, providing you the flexibility to access funds when needed.

The cost of a Brook-Hollow Capital Line of Credit is substantially lower than competing finance companies and facilitates flexible principal repayments to meet your needs.  The team at Brook-Hollow Capital seamlessly guide you through the underwriting process to ensure efficient execution.

Become Your Own Bank

Put your pre-tax funds to work by combining your Brook-Hollow Financial attorney fee deferral with a Brook-Hollow Capital line of credit.


Do you have an existing Loan that needs to be paid off?

Depending on the rate of interest you are paying, utilizing a Brook-Hollow Capital loan could be a good decision. With a typical rate of 11%, you could save a substantial amount of interest. If you can defer for 10 years, your after-tax payout should be equal to or above the amount of the loan and the net cost after tax to you should be less than 2.5%.

Do you leave cash in the bank to fund future cases or operating expenses?

Deposit and CD interest is not very high and the cash that goes into this account is done on an after-tax basis, so it will take 82% more cash to set up a reserve than you would need to borrow from Brook-Hollow Capital. You could utilize a Brook-Hollow Financial Deferred Fee product on a pre-tax basis investing in notes with attractive yields and borrow from Brook-Hollow Capital any time you have need cash for case expenses or operating expenses.

Is your firm growing?

Use a line of credit for the funds needed to grow your firm instead of writing checks from after tax money that has been distributed to the partners.