Brook-Hollow has been helping attorneys keep more of the money they earn since 2007 through Brook-Hollow Financial’s attorney fee tax deferral programs and Brook-Hollow Capital’s working capital loans.

Introducing Brook-Hollow 2.0

It’s a new decade and a new way of thinking at Brook-Hollow. BH 2.0 provides our clients with more options and more freedom to manage their attorney fee income with our expanded product portfolio.

The Brook-Hollow family of companies includes Brook-Hollow Financial and Brook-Hollow Capital placing Brook-Hollow 2.0 at the forefront of innovative solutions for attorney capital needs and strategic income management.

New Products. New Brook-Hollow.

Expanded Investment Products

In addition to our traditional managed portfolios, Brook-Hollow Financial is now able to offer exciting new types of investments you may want to include in your deferral account portfolio. Download the one-sheet to learn more.

Expanded Investment Management

Brook-Hollow 2.0 offers more ways to unleash the power of deferral. Expanded investment management options are now available on our attorney fee deferral platform setting Brook-Hollow Financial apart from all other deferral providers. Download the one-sheet to learn more.

Enhanced Transaction Fees

Brook-Hollow Financial clients now have the flexibility to choose between a front-loaded or annual “all in” fee. Download the one-sheet to learn more.