What Is A Fee Deferral?

Contingent fee attorneys have the unique ability to defer their income (and associated tax liability) into the future.

Defer your fee and let it work in the market, where a diversified portfolio with time and compounding increases your return. You decide the terms and define your income needs.

In other words, rather than paying 45% or more immediately to the government, you can choose to take your fees in the future and use the government’s money in the meantime to achieve tax-deferred growth. Couple that with flexible investment options, including just about anything you read about in the Wall Street Journal, and you can start to understand the POWER of deferral.

Unleash The Power Of Deferral

Brook-Hollow Financial is uniquely qualified to leverage the power of tax deferral to help our clients reach their personal and professional goals.

Why Defer?

Brook-Hollow Financial’s fee deferral programs offer a wide-range of benefits.

Use the time to your advantage to maximize return and increase the amount invested.

Define your future cash flow needs and model the structure’s income distribution to meet those needs.

Design an investment portfolio that matches your risk tolerance with a wide-breadth of asset types: equities, bonds, commodities, funds, structured notes, tech funds, crypto currency funds, real estate funds, private lending and any combination of the above.

Work with our investment advisors. In addition to our existing partnerships and favorable fee schedules with JP Morgan and RBC we’ve added more investment management partners. And now, Brook-Hollow Financial clients are able to choose a money manager they know and trust, allowing for investment options that fit the long-term financial goals you and your advisor have developed.

Contact us to discuss how a fee deferral can work for you.

The Process

Planning is key. Let’s discuss how it all comes together.


How long is the appropriate deferral period?

The power of deferral is to combine market growth and delayed withdrawal (and tax payments) to maximize the money earned.  The longer the deferral period, the greater the return.

How is the income paid out?

The income distribution is defined up-front by you and can be modeled to meet your needs.   It can be spread over any time period and can be either a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the portfolio.

Can I customize how my deferral is invested?

Yes. Any investment mix can be modeled and all asset types (equities, bonds, commodities, funds, structured notes) can be used. In addition to our traditional managed portfolios, Brook-Hollow Financial is now able to offer exciting new types of investments you may want to include in your deferral account portfolio. It is vital to consider your personal risk tolerance and expectation of return when choosing the appropriate portfolio for your situation.