Attorney Fee Deferral with Flexible Investment and Line of Credit Options

Defer Your Contingent Fee Income

Brook-Hollow Financial is uniquely qualified to leverage the power of tax deferral to help our clients reach their personal and professional goals.

Become Your Own Bank

Put your pre-tax funds to work by combining a Brook-Hollow Financial attorney fee deferral with a Brook-Hollow Capital line of credit.

New Products. New Brook-Hollow.

It’s a new decade and a new way of thinking at Brook-Hollow. BH 2.0 provides our clients with more options and more freedom to manage their attorney fee income with our expanded product portfolio.

Complete the form and unleash the power of deferral.

“Brook-Hollow has been at the forefront of innovative solutions for attorney capital needs and financial planning for many years. For a mass tort firm, revenue generation follows a feast or famine cycle. Expenses, however, remain a constant. As a result, forward thinking financial planning and access to capital are a necessity – not merely a creative afterthought – to long term success. Brook-Hollow has been a wonderful partner in helping to secure long term success for our firm.”
– Justin Witkin –