Kenmare Open House

In May of 2015, Brook-Hollow held its inaugural Kenmare Assignment Company Open House at the K Club in Kildare, Ireland. 

The purpose of this event was to provide our clients with an opportunity to experience the full breadth of our world-class organization, in the spirit of full and absolute transparency. Brook-Hollow was proud to share with our clients what we have built over the last seven years and we were humbled by the response from attendees.

“This trip really demystified Brook-Hollow for me, and now I fully appreciate the
power of their tax deferral solutions.”

– Douglas Kreis –
AWKO Law Firm

Brook-Hollow clients demand a higher level of comfort and security from their financial partners, and we offered attendees the opportunity to meet and interact with Kenmare and Brook-Hollow staff, attorneys, auditors, money managers, investors, and key governmental officials. Nobody else in the industry is willing or capable of allowing this type of unfettered access and transparency. Attendees came away with no stone unturned and were able to ask any and all questions in a collaborative and open environment with the full Brook-Hollow and Kenmare teams.

“I knew BJ and Tate and now having been to Ireland I know the entire Kenmare Assignment Company team; the lawyers, the auditors, and the financial professionals. The financial solutions and opportunities this organization offers to plaintiff attorneys is impressive.”

Michelle L. Mears – 

Highlights Of The Event

Attendees included 25 of the top mass tort attorneys in the country.

Presenters included:

  • Grant Thornton – Kenmare’s independent 3rd party auditor
  • Centralis – Kenmare’s professional services partner
  • Byrne Wallace – Kenmare’s corporate counsel
  • RBC Wealth Management – one of Kenmare’s top money management partners
  • Brook-Hollow – Kenmare’s exclusive commercial partner, offering tax deferral and line of credit solutions

Numerous social events where attendees were able to spend quality time with the Brook-Hollow and Kenmare teams, as well as many of their colleagues from around the country

“I was really excited about Brook-Hollow before the trip to Ireland, but wanted to see “behind the curtain.” After meeting the team and witnessing first-hand the full scope of operations, I am more convinced than ever that Brook-Hollow provides a unique and powerful investment option I can’t get anywhere else.”

– Harris Junell

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